Hegen Special Promotion

Hegen Special Promotion

😲🎁 Hegen offers a FREE $1,480 Breast Lymphatic Treatment 🎁 😲

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🤱 \\ A total solution for a mum-to-be // 🤱

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The concerns of a mum-to-be who plans to have breastmilk for her baby 🤱
✔ how can I increase my breastmilk supply?
✔ how can I prevent and ease blocked duct?
✔ how can my breastfeeding journey be systematic?
✔ how can I reshape my body figure?

BUY a set of Hegen – PCTO™️ Manual Brest Pump from www.Hegen.com.hk to enjoy a complimentary 45-mins Breast Lymphatic Treatment worth $1,480*

*A FREE 45-mins Breast Lymphatic Treatment is offered when you book any slimum®️ Treatment packages. (Packages’ details refer to www.restoringmums.com)

Restore your postpartum figure with the experts in postpartum massage and abdominal binding, by restoring bodily systems and improving postpartum wellness. Restore waistline, shrink hip size and combat any postpartum tummies with slimum®️Treatment.

Terms and conditions
1. Limited quota offered, while offers last.
2. All treatments are home visits (including this FREE 45-mins Breast Lymphatic Treatment) and transportation charges apply.
3. This promotion is not exchangeable for cash, product or other treatments.
4. Valid only for Hegen’s clients with proof of purchase and reserve the treatment in one month after the purchase.
5. Booking of slimum®️ Treatments are confirmed with deposit payment of $2,000.
6. Hegen HK and Restoring Mums Limited reserves the right to amend promotion details without prior notice.

WhatsApp: 852-27300765

😲🎁 Hegen 送你 $1,480胸部淋巴疏通療程 🎁 😲

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🤱 \\ 給準母乳媽媽的完整方案 // 🤱

擠奶 ➡️ 儲奶 ➡️ 餵奶 ↩️

✔ 如何增加奶量?
✔ 如何防止及減輕乳腺阻塞?
✔ 如何令母乳餵哺有系統化?
✔ 如何修復身形?

購買一套Hegen – PCTO™️手動擠奶器禮品套裝,可獲贈一次45分鐘胸部淋巴疏通療程 (價值$1,480)*

*凡於Hegen香港官網購買一套Hegen – PCTO™️手動擠奶器禮品套裝,並於 Restoring Mums 預約任何slimum®️ 產後紮身療程套餐(詳情請參閱 www.restoringmums.com),皆可獲贈一次免費45分鐘胸部淋巴疏通療程 (價值$1,480)。

Restoring Mums針對媽媽們的各種產後修身及身體機能康復要求設計了一系列療程,務求使她們如願獲得外在的美麗、內在的舒適以及備受呵護的感覺。我們堅信自信賦予女性的強大魅力,因此通過產後形體及健康修復來幫助女性重獲自信,是我們一直以來所堅定探索的課題。

1. 優惠數量有限,先到先得。
2. 所有療程為上門服務(包括是次免費45分鐘胸部淋巴疏通療程),交通費另計。
3. 是次優惠不可兌換現金、產品或轉為其他療程。
4. 是次優惠只提供予 Hegen香港客戶並提供購物証明,同時必須於購物後一個月內預約療程。
5. slimum®️ 產後紮身療程需以$2,000訂金確認預約
6. Hegen 香港及 Restoring Mums Limited 保留修改及對是次優惠活動的最終決定權而不作事前通知。